Monday, June 23, 2014

Sydney NSW...June 2014

We walked all the way from the south side of  Harbour Bridge around water up to top of hill in centre NSW Govt, House.
Back to train station in the middel of Circular Quay about 3 miles.
A nice long afternoon tea sit down and chat!

NSW Government House open to public every day free.
Fabulous interior  all materials from Australia and
a few  gifts from oher countrys.The view from the  other side
is close to the water and takes in most of the  Harbour.

Sunday  we toured the Northern Beaches until rain came... many many huge beaches, at least a mile long.

Where they live- on the edge of a National Park!

Saturday walk about one mile  on North Shore near the Zoo. Bradleys Head. parklands.

Bush Turkey
Harbour outlet to the Pacific Ocean.
Sunday much further up the northern beaches- took a car  tour and on bigbeach walk Newport until it rained..

One  weird Castle house on a headland.

Many headlands and beaches with good surf and rockfishing below the points.

Near the Maquarie University t, Noth Ryde area,  huge company offices
in landscaped settings with patches of bush and many steep roads.