Friday, March 24, 2006

Melbourne - Architecture - clown piper

How can the city fathers think that Federation Square is an attraction? I think it is such an eyesore and usually had loud pop music blaring to give me a pain in my ears too. There is no easy way to find anything inside the buildings there either with no map or plan readily available on the walls to show one how to get into the doors of the art gallery or the theatre. This first photo also shows well the horrid, ugly overhead wires and poles at the entrance to Melbourne as you leave Flinders street station. No amount of bright coloured flags or pink banners will disguise this ugly view - not altered by photoshop either. If you go further into the downtown area you find beautiful old buildings in Collins street c 1890s of which there are a few left. Also there are a few examples of great Art Deco buildings too and big Plane trees to diguise the overhead wires and poles. slide show here.

Bright Lights of Melbourne by Night

For the Commonwealth Games Melbourne has put on a lot of special events. This included painting the "Surge" sculpture blue - a nice change from its black. This wave-like sculpture now has a "beach" with mock beach boxes and a large TV for watching the Games on. This is located between the art gallery and Princes Bridge. The river Yarra was looking its best with lots of lights highlighting trees and paths and of course the very fantastic "fish".