Saturday, July 07, 2012

Parking Melbourne Airport - Tullamarine Victoria - short term parking- to pick up passengers

Your passenger needs to ring you when they have got their luggage and got across the taxi and bus lanes over to the " One Minute " pick up area , where you can drive in and pick them up fast - but stay with your car.

If you arrive at the airport before your passenger is in this spot you need to wait , not possible in the Arrivals section, at the teminal, not on the road side to the terminal, where you will not be fined! but here:

A short term parking area at Melbourne Airport called "Ring and Ride" .

It is located inside the "Long Term" car park you find signs to this well lit, on leaving the highway from Melbourne, along Terminal Drive - the only way into the airport from Melbourne.
[ There are some small unlit signs on the left of this road about g the "Ring and Ride" parking.. here too but on a dark night - in speeding congested traffic there is no time to read them.]

The parking fees under an hour aravel melbournere small..over an hour and you can pay a lot!

However, if u want you can exit BEFORE AN HOUR by paying off the parking ticket machine $4 you can leave and re-enter.

Then drive left out of this parking area and go towards Melbourne then left back on highway and enter again.

I stayed from 6pm -7.25 pm and it was $15.00!! - to get out! [credit cards work]

Parking attendant on duty, well lit area too.


"0-20 minutes – FREE
20-40 minutes - $2
40 – 60 minutes - $4

Normal Long Term Car Park rates apply after one hour. [EXPENSIVE]
An automatic pay station is located close to the ‘Ring & Ride’ zone." [ AT EXIT]
CLICK HERE FOR MAP showing "Ring and Ride" area in PINK.