Sunday, May 28, 2006

Da Vinci Code and Opus Dei

This movie is screening this afternoon at the Balwyn Cinema and I will be most interested to observe what it says about the Opus Dei movement/religion which was the subject of an hour long documentary on SBS recently which may help me sort out the facts from fiction - I hope??

Monday, May 15, 2006

The Patio Picture

Now how do I get this picture enlarged onto plastic or waterproof material?

Monday, May 08, 2006

2006 Last Night of the Proms - MUCS Mt Evelyn

Our Musical Director - a true Maestro! Andrew Wails conducts many choirs in Melbourne - and is credited with creating a rise in the popularity in choral singing in Melbourne. After ten years as Musical Director of the Royal Melbourne Philharmonic Choir, RMPC, a testimonial dinner for him was held May 2006. Many musicians, professors and politicians from high office were there as well as his lovely parents. Of course there were lots of accolades both spoken and sung - some hilarious. Andrew also conducts the Box Hill Chorale, The Australian Children's Choir and the Melbourne University Choral Society choir which I was joining for the Rehearsal "Camp" at Mt Evelyn - the weather was cold and snow was probably falling on nearby Mount Donna Buang! MUCS web site here. Magnificat- Pergolesi, Vivaldi, CPE Bach, Concetrto for Two Trumpets by Vivaldi - 20 May, 2006, 8 pm All Saints' Church,cnr Chapel St and Dandenong Rd, St Kilda East Missed this parrot and some red beaked finches!

1995 Palm Cove Queensland c 1995

Wendy's 60th birthday 1999 - eating out! I like eating - Palm Cove trip Wendy loves shopping!

2006 My Birman Cat

I have had this sweet little Birman for 13 years and he sleeps under the covers with me in winter. He spent the first 5 years destroying my telephone cords,printer cables, broke 2 big decorative plates sitting on top of a 6 foot bookcase, shredded the new fabric I had upholstered my lounge suite with etc etc , to the tune of over a thousand dollars damage a year at least .. He was a reject kitten not good for showing due to his one brown paw instead of all four being white. He is very thin and has a few health problems now. The flash made him shut his blue eyes.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

1980 Bribie Island from Melbourne via Sydney

Map of our route - at the NSW Vic border- Bribie is close to Brisbane which is almost the most Eastern part of Australia about half way up the eastern coast.
Canberra before the new Parliament House was built. Somewhere in NSW between Brisbane and Canberra...? pineapples were 5c and ripe and sweet so we lived on them pineapples growing by the mile just north of Brisbane Sydney Town has an historic reenactment of Colonial life Dot contemplates the Stocks View over Sydney - maybe from the Blue Mountains The three Sisters rocks in the Blue Mountains Boyd Town NSW - border Victoria - The Seahorse Inn- the only building there.

1979c Dot Marjorie Bright Mt Buffalo Falls Creek skiing

We all worked at one large public hospital in Melbourne, Dot from Canada, Marjorie from Scotland and me a few years back from USA stint - c 1978. Good skiing at Falls Creek A foot of snow on all the cars too! Ovens Valley tobacco drying Hattah-Kulkyne National Park, Hattah Lake -no one else there - no drinkable water!

1975 Brazil Rio de Janeiro January

Artists market Rio Copacabana beach as it is not usually photographed...

1980c Lake Mungo NSW

Swan Hill paddle-steamer turning Swan Hill model historic village Hattah Lake -just south of Mildura- flood guide Masses of wildflowers Hattah Lakes flowers Pelicans beside the Murray River - bridge Mildura. Wentworth Wentworth Jail built by convicts Just north of Wentworth - Perry sandhills Walking inside lake looking for more old charcoal and bones from prehistoric Aboriginal inhabitants! This place took hours from Mildura over very rough roads with lots of gates to be opened and there was only this "lake" and an old tin shearing shed to see and no water to drink. Walls of China Lake Mungo