Sunday, July 19, 2009

Swanston street, Melbourne Town Hall south to Flinders street station and Federation square with busker

Green , energy efficient building

Melbourne Shops , arcades, horse and carriage rides.

Melbourne Town Hall

T & G Building built in 1928, 1938,1959, aka the KPG building-modern mall

Collins street going down the hill towards the town hall

1980s modernism and opulence at 101 Collins Street.

This is a great place to take a view over the Yarra River, the gardens and parks to the Port Phillip Bay where there was a yacht race today.

The Paris End of Collins Street - this area was once called...50 years ago.

Windsor Hotel opposite the Victorian House of paliament on Spring Street, close to Collins Street a the eastern side of the CBD .

Melbourne Architecture in the downtown or Central Business - District CBD. Tasma Terrace - National Trust Victoria

Tasma Terrace - National Trust's Victorian headquarters- a row of Victorian Era, apartments close to the Victorian House of Parliament. I have yet to discover if this was the original architects drawing or not. Tasma Terrace is very dark grey and was in deep shadow this am so i did not photograph it... but a good photo is on the web here :

The Great Petition was for women to get a vote..., sculpture is by Susan Hewitt and Penelope Lee, on a lawn in front of Tasma Terrace which is on Parliament Place. Victoria was the last State to grant women the right to ... in 1908