Sunday, September 23, 2007

Cairo Fitzroy flats Art Deco - central coutryard lawn and trees 1935 - 1936

The front doors all faced onto the central garden area and small yellow doors were for the deliveries of daily fresh milk.Also home deliveries were made by the butcher and baker and greengrocer and probabley there was a place for the daily mail.These were built just after the Great Depression.

Art Deco Architecture Albert Park, by Frederick Romberg and Mary Shaw 1939 - 1942 South Melbourne

These apartment blocks were built 1930s on Queens Road, Albert park, or South Melbourne, apartments - architects were Frederick Romberg and Mary Shaw 1939 - 1942.

MacRobertsons Girls' High School 1933-1934 Albert Park Melbourne

Architects were Seabrook and Fildes 1933- 1934. Australias best example of well preserved Modernist architecture -or Art Deco architecture. Horizontal effect is heightened by deeper mortar on the horizonal joins between the bricks. [ more pictures coming]

Roy Grounds Architect Moonbria flats Toorak Melbourne

Photographs Melbourne 1930s Architecture Burley Griffin style East Hawthorn 1929 house

Eric M. Nicholls Architect. Used Hume Limited pipes in construction with Aztec influenced cement blocks.

Street Entrance Curved ceilings and decoration motif Baby ringtail possum