Monday, June 29, 2009

East Link Trail -Vermont-Heatherdale Road-south of Canterbury Rd - bicycle and walking concrete pathway.

Entry points to this trail are hard to find on the internet as many links go to maps from Eastlink that are vague as they give no road names or car parking and entry points or Melway references.

Access by car or bike in Vermont at the junction of Heatherdale and Tulkara Grove, where a branch trail goes directly east towards the south b order of Ringwood Golf course to Heathmont Golf Course. and on to Bayswater along a Dandenong creek.

One entry point at the northern section of the Trail is on Deep Creek road off Maroondah Highway at Mitcham. see below for photos.

More informaion as I have time to locate other entry points to use by car.

Mullum Mullum Eastlink Trail at Deep Creek Road, Mitcham.Leads west to Quarry Road near Donvale, east to Ringwood, south to Scoresby.

All traffic noise is gone after about 5 miutes walk from Deep Creek Road west towards Quarry Road, as the Eastlink Tollway road is under ground.

Steep trail in places here... fast cyclists are a danger too around sharp bends.

Mullum Mullum Creek park , North end of Eastlink walking and bicycle traill and historic Schwerkholt cottage Mitcham, Melbourne, Vic.

Schwerkolt Cottage - explore the original pioneer stone cottage. Enjoy a park like setting beside Mullum Mullum Creek, with barbecue facilities, a children's playground and creekside walking path and bike trail, Eastlink Trail. Found just south of Deep Creek Road and the Eastern Freeway junction, Mitcham.

Eastlink Trail and marker km and roads Quarry Road and Deep Creek Road. Steep trail in places in this section.