Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Melbourne Flower and Garden Show 2006 Prize winners - mostly

This years Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2006 at the Royal Exhibition Gardens and Building in Carlton on the edge of the downtown high rise towers of Melbourne is truly fabulous. The setting alone is worth the trouble to visit... large European trees that are about a hundred years old, flowers for sale, garden designs that are awarded coveted prizes and sculptures. This attracts entries from world class landscape designers such as Jim Fogarty and Jamie Durie. This year a new innovation is the excellent series of small "do-able" gardens that can be done for under $2000 with a printed plan that shows the design, plants and materials used for do-it-yourself construction. Also there is the indoor cut flower displays in the refurbished heritage Exhibition Building. Most fantastic are the Floral Fashion displays by RMIT Fashion Students and the crazy Barry Humphries stamps and "glasses". The official web site here.