Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Melbourne to Lakes Entrance, Sale, Bairnsdale...

Art Gallery Cafe overlooks the site of a once busy inland port on the Latrobe river, that connects to the ocean, now a marina. .



Australia's use of coal for power generation makes us one of the biggest producers of carbon dioxide per head of population, which contributes to global warming. The impact of brown coal power generation on health of people, especially children, is of concern - more here :

The open cut mine extends in a circle of 5 miles diameter or more across the whole valley like a moon-scape Yallourn open-cut coal mine - locals still believe it is not polluting! Sale Highway Sculpture `Red Sails in the Sunset’by International sculptor Viktor Cebergs. 2005 Bairnsdale roadside market - lots of plants and local produce - I bought a great T shirt for James - get a laugh if he wears it OS

Native animals and birds - Gang gangs, echidna, swans

Austtralian Native Black Swans. This little girl was very busy talking to the swans and seemed to think they would obey her! Gang Gang Cockatoos at Brandy Creek - just a few miles north of Warragul This shows how big these Gang Gang cockatoos are Captive Cockatoo - was apparently hungry so it was fed

Our Australian native animal the Echidna which is very shy and hard to photograph usually! We were lucky he was on the grassy verge of a slow speed section of the highway, but only went a few meters off the road into the bushes.

Historic Homestead Nyerimiling East Gippsland

Nyerimiling Homestead was a timber logging site - timber was pushed over cliff edge to beach. Steep cliff down to the lakes from Nyerimiling - name m is Aboriginal for "many lakes". Wedge tailed eagle in the house - I saw a real one flying while overlooking the cliff! 1920s wood panelling Nyermilang

Lakes Entrance - Great fresh fish for dinner too!

First glimpse of Lakes Entrance View of the entrance from road down to the town Dredger trying to keep entrance deep enough for fishing boats to clear the bottom from silting up due to low river inflows tolakes. Bullock Island near the outlet, middle distance - sandy is to be the site of an RMIT Uni. Environmental Research Centre"

grass lakes entrance opposite motel Promenade along Cunninghame Arm ends abuptly at private property despite sign! Marina Center of Lakes Entrance Footbridge to the ocean sandbar

Path over sand dunes to the Ninety Mile Beach shark spotting tower for life savers Lakes Entrance town from ocean side Shops and cafes and motels line the very long main street in Lakes Entrance - from the ocean sand bar. More of Lakes Entrance from Ninety Mile beach sand bar. Waiting for winery cruise of lakes but engine dead- offerd bus trip but we declined as we had a car.