Monday, September 14, 2009

10 Things I Need To Know About Losing Weight

NEW FACTS PROVEN TO HELP ONE LOOSE WEIGHT!! I saw a very useful British program on TV tonight and i cannot see it on the Internet as some one is selling the DVD. Actual scientific experiments were done on people to prove these NEW points. So to help myself remember i am making a note of the main points here:

FIRSTLY - [not new] I need to weigh the food portions,[ until i learn what is a normal portion] And make a note of it at the time of eating. ALL that is swallowed during 24 hours is recorded. It seems very easy to under estimate the size of portions and remember all things you eat or drink.

SECONDLY: NEW Moderately brisk walking for over an hour causes significant loss of body fat over the next 24 hours!

THIRDLY [ not new] Any little added exercise during a day helps you loose weight... eg walking while on the telephone, moving arms while sitting at computer, park further from a shop so u walk more.

FOURTH : NEW Eating low fat dairy products with a meal cause almost 50% more fat in that meal to be excreted!! see International Journal of Obesity (2008) 32, 1816–1824; doi:10.1038/ijo.2008.173; published online 7 October 2008

FIFTH : NEW Eating a meal pulverised / in a blender, with water into soup keeps the stomach from emptying so fast by a long time...[even compared with a glass of water drunk with the meal ].

SIXTH : NEW Avoid eating at a smorgasbord as this encourages most people to over eat by 30 or 40%! [I cant remember the exact amount].

SEVENTH : NEW Eating some 10% more protein than normal in your diet keeps one satisfied longer.

EATING FROM A SMALLER PLATE -or any food container- ALSO HELPS. - not new

NEVER SKIP MEALS - this causes you to feel starved and to eat fatty unhealthy food to excess.


As i remember the other points i will add them...

Finally I have found a way to FEEL how HEAVY an extra 10 kilos is - it is the size of a heavy bag of potting mix i often try to carry about 10 meters with difficulty.. so i am now really trying VERY HARD to get that last 10 or 5 off!