Sunday, October 01, 2006

Clifton Hill architecture - Art Deco and Federation

More photos of interesting Architecture around Victoria on a web page HERE. And Melbourne: Ivanhoe Arts and Crafts, and Victorian Historic, and Banyule Colonial House, Heidelberg HERE.

And compare the Clifton Hill old Pub to the a very similar art deco pub at Bridgewater, on the Loddon river, Victoria on my other "blog" HERE....

Photos below are : Ex A.N.Z. Bank, 370 Queen's Pde , Clifton Hill Station in use still! Clifton Hill Church, Ex United Kingdom Hotel, 199 Queens Parade,Clifton Hill Art Deco built 1938. Clifton Hill train stationClifton Hill train station Clifton Hill Church  Ex United Kingdom Hotel, 199 Queens Parade, Clifton Hill Art Deco built 1938