Sunday, August 27, 2006

Native Orchids Cranbourne

More native orchids in the wild in Victoria here: Click for big picture - Thumbnail Orchid Greenhood Orchids

Saturday, August 12, 2006

CLICK ON PIC FOR A BIG PHOTO - Daveys Bay Mt Eliza Mornington Beach

We began our walk on the cliff tops after parking near the top of stairs. We first went right to Daveys bay then left towards Canadian bay around Penguin Point. After this walk drove around the Canadian Bay area looking at all the mix of old and new large houses, many with great views over the Bay. I was interested to see what remained of the hospital where children with polio and TB spent months at a time getting a lot of physiotherapy in the days before Salk Vaccine - now a geriatric hospital. We passed a Masserati and then had to stop for a puppy sitting on the road - he was retrieved by his 10 year old owner. We got lunch in Mount Eliza Village and drove on to Mills Beach just near Mornington where we found sheltered and sunny spots to sit and read all the Sunday newspapers. DAVEYS BAY MAP STAIRS TO BEACHThese stairs were too steep for me to get back up the way my angina is. Cliffs at Davey and Canadian BaysCliffs between Davey and Canadian Bays Path around to Daveys Bay Massive houses looking over Daveys Bay Desbrowe-Annear house Mt ElizaDesbrowe-Annear or Arts and Crafts or Tudor style house. Davey Bay Yacht Davey Bay Yacht Club access denied to beach!

Looking towards Frankston from Daveys Bay New House and high wall beside path back to the stairs. View back towards stairs from Penguin Point Penguin Point Penguin Point looking towards Melbourne Canadian Bay from Northern end